I heard the testimonies of two high school students in Tennessee, one is a junior and the other is a senior, in different schools. One started a Bible study with twenty students and in one month they had a Bible study of three hundred and thirty students. The comment was made by one of the students that it only takes a spark to start a fire in people’s hearts.

Father, we pray for the students in our schools and colleges. We pray for more sparks to be found in our students in more school class rooms and college dormitories. We pray that a revival break out in the students of our schools and colleges and spread throughout our churches and into every community in our nation. Father we give You full control over this movement and we ask You to pour out Your spirit and saturate all who will stand up for You.

Churches be ready for the fire of the Spirit to fall. Don’t miss this chance that’s starting in our youth. Be ready to support them and stand with them. This may be our last chance to redeem our nation.

I pray that more testimonies come from more young people who have who have decided that our only hope is in Jesus Christ alone, and students who have put their trust in Him. We, as the older generation need to be on our faces before the throne in support of these young warriors. They are the future leaders of our Nation. Can you imagine what it would be like to have leaders who allow the spirit of God to flow through the halls of our government.

We need to pray people, we need to pray!!